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Best Ceiling Fans in India in Sept 2019

designer ceiling fans india

Despite all of the new technology available in today’s computer driven world, one of the most popular and overlooked additions to any home is the ceiling fan. Ceiling fans have been in use for over a century and provided added value to your home, energy efficiency, and just plain feel nice when it’s warm outside.

Due to the longevity in the market, you can now find ceiling fans in all shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and designs. Often times, the hardest part can be finding one that fits your particular style and designs tastes. The best ceiling fans available today are going to have much better motors, durability, finishes, and materials than those that were available in the past. Because of this, if your home is older, you might want to look into replacing your ceiling fans with newer and more efficient and appealing models.

One common mistake is that ceiling fans are not worth your while if you live in a colder climate. While it is true that a ceiling fan offers a very large benefit in a warm climate, it can also help a great deal in a colder climate or during the winter. Most fans have a method of setting the blades to spin in reverse order. This allows you to push the warm air that rises naturally, back down into the room. During the winter, this will allow you to re-circulate the heat and keep your room a more comfortable temperature.

In the summer, a ceiling fan can help keep your room nice and cool. If your air conditioning is set to 78 degrees F, a fan can make that 78 degrees F feel like 74F, and it does it for pennies a day. For me personally, the sound a ceiling fan can also cause a calming effect. It reminds me of my grandmother’s house and helps me to relax when I am sitting around the house.

Ceiling fans are a great investment as they can lower your electric bill and also improve the aesthetics of any room. In the summer, who doesn’t want a nice cool breeze throughout their house? Use the fan in the winter to pull the hot air down from the ceiling and keep your house warm! Ceiling fans are also a huge plus when attempting to sell your house as it is one thing a prospective home buyer will look for and notice.

When you are looking for a ceiling fan, it is important to make sure that you are getting a high quality fan at a great price. Going with the branded fans like Bajaj, Orient, Crompton ensures that the quality and price will be some of the best, and it also allows you the ease of mind of knowing that you have a decent warranty policy.

As with any home improvement purchase, you only want to spend the money if it will improve the overall value of your home. Ceiling fans are a great way to increase your homes appeal as well as value. This is due to the benefits they offer any home owner. The major benefit a ceiling fan can offer is the energy efficiency they provide. A home’s power bill can get outrageous, especially in the summer months. This is due to the constant use of the air conditioning. A ceiling fan allows you to turn the air conditioning off and seriously decrease your energy consumption, while still keeping your rooms at a comfortable temperature.

The other major benefit of a ceiling fan is the aesthetic appeal. Many homeowners will automatically know that a ceiling fan can lower their energy use. They will take this into consideration when they look at a home to purchase. But, subconsciously, they also are more attracted to a room when a ceiling fan is present. Bajaj Ceiling Fans are great when it comes to this aspect as they all have very aesthetically pleasing designs, but are still cost effective.

If you are looking to increase your energy efficiency, I would also recommend looking into energy efficient light bulbs. Light bulbs have come a long way in the last few years and you can now get bulbs that use half the wattage of previous generation that will last up to 5 years with average use. This can also greatly decrease your power bill. There are a lot of ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home and lowering the overall power bill is a great investment. It will make your home more appealing once you get ready to sell and in this current market, any improvement is a good one.

One problem that keeps many people from purchasing ceiling fans is the complicated wiring and installation that is required. Most ceiling fans have pull chords for both the light fixture and the fan itself. Both need to be wired correctly in order for them to work from the same light switch or separate ones if you are lucky enough to have two. There is an easy solution however as most retailers that sell ceiling fans also offer an installation option for an added fee.

Ceiling fans can help you relax, save you money on your air conditioning and heating bill, and also improve the look of any room. They have come a long way in the last century but are still a great addition to any home.

It might sound like a simple task, but buying a ceiling fan is not something you should to at the spur of the moment.
Here I have mentioned 4 things which I think you should consider before going out and buying a ceiling fan that turns out to be wrong for you.

First you focus on the room where you want to install the ceiling fan. Things like ceiling height and floor space are important factors when buying a ceiling fan. If the room is small it looks best to choose a fan with small blades. If you have low ceilings I would recommend buying a low profile ceiling fan.

The selection
I recommend choosing a store with a large selection. There are many varieties of ceiling fans, some you might not even know about. There are models with light fixtures or kits that will allow you to mod a light fixture to the fan.
More blades means more air movement and less rotation. This usually means less noise.
Some fans come with remote controls and some don’t, make sure you know if this is needed before you make the wrong choice.

The Price
Set your budget before you buy. A ceiling fan costs anywhere from Rs.1000 to Rs.30000. You can order specialized models in many colors.

If you aren’t used to doing electrical work I would recommend hiring an electrician. If you think you are up for the talk I would recommend this guide on how to install a ceiling fan.

If you were waiting to take the plunge in buying and installing a ceiling fan, wait no more. Now is the perfect time to make such an addition to your home.

For your convenience we have cataloged a huge list of ceiling fans to choose the best ceiling fans as per your need and budget ,check it out here:-

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Best Air Purifier in India in Sept 19

best air purifier in india 2019

Air Purifier help eliminate allergies, viruses or odors; but only if it’s the right size and type air purifier

It’s common knowledge that the air indoors has up to 5 times more pollutants than outdoors. And as most of us spend 90% or more of our time indoors, our bodies frequently react to the poor air quality with itchy eyes, sneezing, ear infections, throat and sinus irritations etc.

It therefore makes a lot of sense to improve our indoor air quality with an air purifier.But to find an air purifier that meets your expectations, a few things have to be considered, so let’s have a look at the most important criteria.

What do you want to solve: allergy, viruses and bacteria, or odors?
An air purifier technology is usually designed to solve only one of these problems, so it’s important that you select an air cleaner with the appropriate technology.

Allergies are caused by various types of particles, such as pollen, that have a size from about 0.3 micron upwards. HEPA air purifiers, and some ionic air cleaners can filter these type of particles very effectively.

More than 90% of all particulates are 0.3 micron and smaller in size and these include: viruses, some bacteria and germs, some house dust, mite allergens, and cat allergens.Suitable solutions would be ionic air cleaners, air purifiers with activated charcoal filters, and ultraviolet light air cleaners.

Some particles can be even smaller: smoke, soot, fumes, and smog.
These problems can be controlled with air purifiers now available online in India that have activated charcoal filters, and various types of ozone generators.

So what if you are trying to get rid of odors, but also of allergen? Well, many air purifiers combine several air cleaning technologies for this very reason, which makes them good value.

Air purification for the whole house or only for selected rooms.
A whole house air purifier would be:

  • considerably more expensive,
  • more convenient, but
  • probably not as effective as room only air cleaners.

A good quality room air cleaner will easily set you back several hundred dollars, and would only clean one room at a time. Most room air purifiers are portable, so you can move it with you.
Make sure though, that the air cleaner has ample capacity to clean the largest room you intend to use it in, because some air purifiers can become quite noise if they have to operate at the highest setting.

Operating cost
Some air cleaners come with filters that are expensive to replace. Another thing to watch is electricity consumption.
Generally speaking, the finer the filter, the more expensive it is to replace, the more power will be required to pull the air through it, and the higher the electricity bill.

It’s no good shelling out several hundred dollars for an air purifier only to find that you have to pay extra to have it repaired or replaced.  The more reputable the brands, the more you are assured of a proper warranty.

Look for the following quality brand names: Phillips , Honeywell , Dyson ,Atlanta,Coway, Glen Air, Kent ,Mi.

Last but not least, it certainly is a good idea to shop around, and one of the neat things of doing this online is that you can compare prices from the comfort of your own home!

For your convenience we have short listed best air purifier in 2019 from different sources please check it out here

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Best AC Air Conditioner in India in Sept 2019

india best ac

Obviously the main reason to get an air conditioner is to keep your home colder when it is warm outside. But air conditioning is really a complex system of controlling the air temperature, humidity and cleanliness, as well as the movement of air in conditioned spaces.

This short guide was created to help you understand the basics on how air conditioners work and to answer your question “which is the best ac in India?”

We do not sell any air conditioners ourselves, so you can be assured that all of the information in this guide is independent and unbiased. Though we are not selling but we have created a catalog of best ac brands in india for your reference.

Background on air conditioners

Did you know that in reality, an air conditioner is really making your home ‘less warm’? A simple description of the process is that when air gets cycled through the air conditioner system, heat from the air is absorbed by the air conditioner, and the cooler air is blown back into the room and/or throughout the house.

Since this guide is not for engineers, we will skip the technical discussion of how this happens; curious minds can find out easily enough elsewhere.

Features and functions to look for in air conditioners

Air conditioners come in many shapes and sizes, but there are really two main types of air conditioners (swamp coolers and other air cooling methods not included).

Air conditioners are either self-contained and designed for single or multi-room use, or they are designed to cool the entire house in conjunction with the furnace and duct work system. The most important feature of any air conditioning unit is measured in cooling capacity.

Cooling capacity is measured in BTUs, or British Thermal Units. This figure represents the amount of heat required to raise or lower the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. The heat that is extracted from your home by an air conditioner is measured in BTUs.

Single or multi-room air conditioners

These air conditioners are designed to work in smaller spaces, such as one room or one level of a home. They can be the perfect solution in a variety of situations: you want to keep the baby’s nursery room cool, one room in the house gets particularly warm, you live in a ranch and only need one level cool, etc., etc.

Single or multi-room units are also known as ‘window A/C units’ because they are installed in windows to allow the movement of air from the inside to the outside of the home. These air conditioners come in different capacities, usually somewhere between 5,000 and 30,000 BTUs.

Whole house air conditioners

These air conditioners are designed to work in conjunction with your home’s furnace/heating system to cool your home. Typically, a unit is placed outside the home and additional equipment is installed in your furnace. This is so the cooler air can be blown throughout the home via the existing ductwork that is directly connected to the furnace.

Additionally, the air conditioning system will have to be connected to the thermostat or other control device to give you some way of controlling the settings on the air conditioner system. Whole house air conditioning systems typically come in capacities of 18,000 to 60,000 BTUs.

Where to buy

Most of the whole house air conditioning systems are sold nationwide through company and independent dealers and the larger home improvement stores. They will provide installation as well.

Many of these dealers have excellent web sites that can give you all the information you need and even schedule appointments for estimates and installation. The single and multi-room air conditioning units can be found online or at major electronic stores and require minimal installation.Nowadays if you buy from a reputed online store like Amazon or Flipkart , they provide installations as well.

How to find the best air conditioner for you

Researching online is the best place to start when shopping for an air conditioner. You may or may not be sure which the best air conditioner for your situation is, so doing research on specific models will help you narrows down your choices by price and capacity.

Many air conditioners can be financed online, either directly with the manufacturer/dealer, or sometimes with large retail chains (usually by opening up a store credit card.)

The most important component to consider when looking for an air conditioner is capacity. Unlike other appliances in the home, it is possible to get ‘too much power’!

A unit that is too large is not only more expensive to purchase and operate, but it also won’t work as well. If an air conditioner has too much capacity for your home, the air will cool quickly, but this could be counter-productive. This is because the moisture is removed as the air is pulled across the cooling coil in the unit.

If an oversized unit cools the air too quickly, the unit shuts back down and there isn’t enough time for the moisture to be removed from the air and the inside will remain humid.

On the other hand, choosing a unit that is too small is bad because it may not be able to do the job on some of the hottest days. It would be possible to run the unit all day long but never achieve your desired cooled temperature.

Many of the best air conditioning manufacturers recommend that you do not leave the decision of capacity to chance or guesswork. As each home is different in terms of it’s ductwork, heating patterns and layout, they recommend that you have an experienced professional determine the proper capacity air conditioner.

Beyond capacity, you should consider the efficiency of a unit because this can help save you money over the life of the air conditioner unit. Don’t be fooled by marketing terms like ‘high efficiency’, though. The one and only number to compare efficiency is the BEE number, and the higher the better.

Make sure to compare warranties among competing brands carefully. Do they include the same components, or is there a significant difference in coverage. Are any labor costs included in the warranty?

If humidity is a problem in your area, find out what (if any) additional accessories need to be installed to control humidity.

Air conditioners are controlled by thermostats, which simply measure the temperature of the air and either turn on or turn off the air conditioner once the ambient air temperature has reached a certain level.

You may have the option of getting a programmable thermostat, which give you the ability to program various ambient temperatures based on time of day or day of week.

For example, if no one was at your home during the day on weekdays, you could program the temperature to be a little bit higher, then have the air conditioner cool the house back down to your desired temp for when you get home.

Some systems even incorporate humidity controls into your system. Programmable thermostats can save you operating costs because the system is on less often.

Air conditioning units that have more than one speed are generally more efficient that single-speed units because don’t have to use more energy than needed.

Some air conditioners are noisier than others, and if this is a concern for you, make sure to hear the unit in action before settling on one model.


In conclusion, we hope you have found the information we have put together for you useful. We recognize that this guide was in no way exhaustive, and that there are more to air conditioners than what is included here.

We encourage you to use the information in this guide as a starting point and to begin your search by visiting our sponsors- these are among the best air conditioner companies in the industry. Thank you for visiting our site.

Here is the link to best and cheapest air conditioners in India

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Best Hand Blender in India in Sept 2019

best hand blender in india

Before you make a final decision however, you should make sure that you know what each is capable of so that you get the actual blending speeds, capabilities, and power that you are expecting.

Basically, hand blenders (also known as stick blenders or wands) are hand-held (as the name suggests) and usually come with a range of detachable accessories. The primary attachment is the basic blending wand which is long and narrow with spinning blades at the end. You can chop and mix food by pushing the end of the blender down so the blades touch the food. They are light, low power, and versatile pieces of equipment.

Jug blenders on the other hand (or sometimes just called food blenders) are made up of a jug, with blades mounted at the base of the jug. They tend to be more powerful, but also more difficult to clean.

The following are four areas that you should carefully consider when making that final decision.


The first thing you need to think about is the shape of the blender that you want because this is going to denote the amount of space it will take up in your kitchen.

Jug blenders are larger and more powerful

Hand blenders tend to be much smaller and more dynamic whereas jug blenders tend to be much larger in size. They will take up a good amount of space on the counter or in a cabinet, but they do usually have detachable legs that make it a little easier to find a permanent spot for them.


The second thing you need to think about is the power that you demand from your blender.

While the hand blenders are generally smaller, the size comes with a price because the blender is not as powerful as its brother the jug blender. Due to the fact that jug blenders are stationary and are able to stand alone they are able to produce more power. If you plan on blending heavy vegetables or tougher fruits then you might want to think about a jug blender. In addition, if you are going to puree foods for baby food or other reasons then you will need the additional power.


On the other hand, one of the perks of the hand blender is that it comes with many more accessories that can make blending a lot more fun. They also offer you a wider more diverse array of options when it comes down to what you can make with your blender. Some of the common accessories that come with hand blenders include whisks, grinders, potato mashers and pan blenders (allowing you to blend straight from the sauce pan).


Finally, when it comes down to it you need to look at the specs of any blender and really think about why you wanted a blender in the first place.

Both jug and hand blenders have great advantages and disadvantages, but to decide which advantage is better for you it is important to think about what you want the blender for. Someone that wants to make the occasional smoothie will find that a hand blender is simple and easy to use, but someone that wants to really delve into cooking with fancy sauces, sautes, and soups will probably want to take a second look at the jug blender which is more powerful and versatile.

For your convenience we have cataloged best hand blender in india 2019 check them out here :-

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Best Mattresses in India in Sept 2019

best memory foam mattress india

Shopping for the perfect mattress can be both overwhelming and a little intimidating. Walking into a mattress store is in many ways like walking onto a car lot.

Like a car dealership, mattress stores have dozens of models for you to choose from — everything from classic innerspring to memory foam — in a variety of colors, sizes, and prices.

So, how do you pick the perfect mattress for you? After all, buying a mattress is similar to buying a car in one other respect: You’ll be making a commitment of anywhere from 10 to 15 years to the mattress you select. Here’s some tips to help you select the perfect mattress:

Before you go shopping, do your homework. Research your options before you go mattress shopping. Figure out what size and type of mattress you want before you hit the stores. Not sure which mattress size or type are perfect for you? Think back to when you had a great night’s sleep at a friends house or even a hotel and use that as a place to begin your mattress search. Ask family members and friends what type of mattress they sleep on to get their input as well.

Here’s a brief rundown on the various mattress types that are available for you to select from:

Innerspring mattresses are the most widely used mattresses on the market today. Inside an innerspring mattress you will find individually wrapped coil springs which support your body while sleeping. The coils can be topped with any number of materials, everything from pillow to memory foam. They range in firmness, fluffiness of the topping and price. Most people will find innerspring mattresses are very comfortable to sleep on, which is why they remain a popular bedding choice.

If you are a little overweight, you will find that innerspring mattresses are a bit firmer than other mattress types, making it easier for you to get in and out of bed. And, if you suffer from back pain you may find a firm innerspring mattress helps to lessen your pain.

Memory foam mattress are composed of layers of different densities of foam that respond to your weight and body temperature which means they contour to the shape of your body. If you suffer from back pain, you will find that memory foam mattresses can help reduce pressure points and pain and absorb movement. And, if you sleep with a partner you won’t be disturbed by his or her tossing and turning if you select a memory foam mattress..

Latex mattresses are made of natural or synthetic rubber and provide a firm, yet bouncy support that is uniform throughout your bed. You might find a latex mattress is your best bedding choice if you like a firm mattress with tons of support.

Air beds look just like your standard innerspring mattress, but use chambers filled with air instead of individually wrapped coils to support you while you sleep. If you sleep with a partner, each person can individually adjust the firmness of his or her side of the bed if you choose an air mattress, meaning that you will both get a good night’s sleep if you select an air bed.

Keep in mind that the best bed for you is the one that feels the most comfortable to you. And remember, to feel your best throughout the day, you need not only a comfortable mattress but enough sleep time

Now How to Choose a Mattress ?

You have a lot of things to ponder on while purchasing a new mattress. Most people purchase the wrong mattress simply because they did not know what to choose in the first place.

This is the best time to know the essentials in buying a bed and mattress.

Step 1: Check out for the whole package. There are a lot of brands that offer both the mattress and the bed frame. If you cannot find one that fits more to your preferences, you can buy them separately. The first thing you should do is buy the bed frame. Know what exactly the measurement is so you can find a mattress that will fit exactly. Choose one that works well with the theme of your room. If you are buying the wood kind, make sure it is made from durable and heavy-duty wood. If you are buying the steel kind, the soldering of the junctions should be sturdy.

Step 2: Once you have already picked a good frame, get a good mattress. Pick one with a good amount of thickness. Just the right amount of thickness can let you climb in and out of bed easily.

Step 3: Know the technology of the mattress you want to use. For those who prefer spring technology, you should stick to those with lesser springs. This means, thicker springs are integrated. This provides more support to your body. In addition to that, it prolongs the life of the mattress and lessens mattress sagging.

Step 4: If you are buying memory foam or latex, carefully pick one with the right density. Nothing is really absolute when it comes to this. You might need to choose the one that will provide the most comfort and support to your body. Lie on the mattress first for a few minutes. Better yet, take advantage of the 30 day comfort guarantee that most mattress stores offer. The additional trial days will help your body decide if this is really the mattress you would like to sleep on for the next couple of years.

Step 5: Make sure you know the warranty process. Pick a mattress brand with a reasonable warrant. Most retailers offer manufacturing warranty so you may have to direct your concerns to the manufacturing company themselves. Just make sure you pick a brand that has a good reputation so the warranty will stay valid until its expiration date.

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