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Best and Top washing machines in India in Sept 2019

best washing machine india aug 2019

We need the best Washing Machine in our life, nowadays it’s not a lavish item as it used to be but it’s a basic necessity. Almost every house has a washing machine these days. It not only saves time but also efforts.

Washing clothes by hands is the thing of past now, no one has time for that. Everything is moving so fast these days, to keep up with the pace we need the best and affordable option to choose from.

Keeping these things in mind I have reviewed the Best Washing Machine Brands of India.

Mainly there are 2 types of washing machines available in the market like Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic.

Semi automatic washing machines have two tubs, one for washing and the other for drying. These are cheaper and entry level washing machines .These washing machines require human intervention .You will need to keep shifting the clothes between washer and dryer, you will also be adding water to the tub before washing your clothes, and then at the finish you will have to drain it.


  • No  permanent water connection required
  • Uses less water than the fully automatic ones.
  • Less power consumption
  • Cheap
  • Easy to move.


  • Human intervention required.
  • Requires more space then Fully automatic as they are bigger in size
  • Only top loading feature is available, no front loading.

These Fully Automatic Washing machines contain single motor. This single motor is capable of doing both spinning as well as washing. Fully automatic scores over semi automatic in terms of how it operates. These washing machines perform all activities without manual intervention. Fully automatic washing machines come with 2 options front loading and top loading.


  • Energy– and water efficient
  • Washing is cleanest.
  • Inbuilt heater to heat water(in most of the models but not all).
  • Large capacity- some front-loaders can fit as many as 15 bed sheets in one load.


  • Expensive
  • Require a permanent water connection with high pressure.
  • Cannot add clothes midway through a cycle.
  • Heavy, not so easy to move.

My personal choice will be a fully automatic and I would not suggest you to go for the semi-automatic one. Reason being human intervention plus if you calculate you will find the labor required in these machines outweighs their lesser cost.

In Fully Automatic you have 2 options

  • Front Loader washing machines
  • Top Loader washing machines

Differences between the Two Major Types of Washing Machines 

On browsing appliance section of any local electronic store you will find two types of washing machines available these days. One is top loading washers and the other one is front loading washers.

You may not understand what the major differences between the two are. But If you are planning to buy a new washing machine this year, you should be aware of what each type of unit is going to do.

All of these washing machines perform in the same basic manner, but there are subtle differences that you need to consider before buying one. 

Differences are not only related to the actual dimensions of the washer, but there are differences in the load capacity of these washers as well. These differences between front loading and top loading washers could set them apart during your decision making process.  

best washing machine brands

Here are the best washing machines we have sorted out for your convenience

Check it out here

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Best GPS Watches in India in Sept 2019

best gps watch running

With literally hundreds of different types of GPS watches, it can be difficult to make the right decision and find the perfect watch for you. Fancy extras like tracking software and high-tech functions like heart rate calculators can confuse the weekend exerciser, while they may delight the professional athlete. Additional functions included on a GPS watch fall into three main categories, making it simple to figure out which ones are imperative and which features you can do without. Once the features are broken down into categories, it’s easy to learn all about the different types of GPS watches available, and understand just how you can find the GPS sports watch that will fit right in with your lifestyle.

The first category is the GPS function itself. The simplest, most bare-bones GPS watch will include two main functions- the GPS navigator, and the time. Typically available in a digital interface, this makes it simple to check your location (via the GPS function) as well as other features such as the date, time, etc. The quality of the GPS you choose should depend on where you typically trek, as more expensive GPS functions can track locations despite tall buildings or trees. A GPS can also provide maps, keep track of previous routes, provide directions, and pinpoint your exact location.

best gps watch running

Health features are useful if you’re training or working out with fitness, not enjoyment, in mind. Heart monitors track your heart rate and issue alerts if you waver too low or high from a preset rate, ideal for anyone concerned with their condition. Calorie calculators can track how many calories have been burned per workout, and compare it to past workouts to display your progress. Some GPS watches will include software that allows you to train against a “virtual partner,” ideal for those who train best when they’re in a competition.

Many of the best GPS watches now include tracking software. This is perfect if you’re training for a marathon, involved in a competitive sport, attempting to lose weight, or enjoy watching your progress. For those who exercise only occasionally or consider themselves an amateur, this function may not be needed. From tracking your calories burned to your heart rate, and your routes traveled to your speed, tracking software is useful. This software will record your specified data, log it into records, and than save these logs on your computer for later viewing and comparisons. Some brands include this software with a watch, while others may require you to download or purchase the software separately.

Miscellaneous extras may include alarms, water-resistance, date and calendar displays, and multi-sport functions. Depending on the sport or exercise method you prefer, these may or may not be necessary. For example, if you enjoy participating in triathlons, a multi-sport feature may be useful, while if you enjoy swimming and diving, water resistance may be imperative. GPS watches really aren’t that complicated to understand once you break down the functions and view each one separately to make your decision.

For your convenience we have shortlisted some of the best gps watch , check it out here

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My Digital Marketing Experience

I was introduced to Digital Marketing especially SEO back in 2010 while I was doing an internship in a Web Designing Company. That company didn’t even pay for my 3 months hard work,who does that to an Intern? (More on this in a different post).But anyways I am thankful to the company owner who introduced me to SEO (search engine optimization).

I was given a task to do SEO for their company website before I began their website was not even on the first 30 pages of SERP. I started with On-page optimization, did everything as per checklist, which I downloaded from various freely available resources on the Internet. I did title tag optimization, meta tag optimization, anchor text optimization, W3 testing, sitemap, etc. Then started doing Off-Page optimization. This is the point when we started getting ranked on the top 5 pages. Back then following techniques of Off-page optimization were popular:-

1.Article submission

2.Press Releases

3.Bl;og Submission

4.Directory submission

5.Link Sharing/Link Building

6.Social Bookmarking.

7.Search Engine submission.

I also wrote articles and published them on almost 100 + websites. Same case with Press releases.

Also social bookmarked website on 50+ social networks. These all efforts gave us visibility in Top 3 SERP, and after 1 and half months we were on top 3 website on the very 1 st page of google.

But now things have changed IO created this site in July 2019, and this site is not even on top 100 pages

Some of the reasons which I found are:-

1.Lack of Focus:- Already busy in running my other business, so not giving ample time and effort.

2.No main keyword to focus on:- lots of products are added and this site is more like a mall then an exclusive store.No niche to focus on

3. Time has changed:-What worked in 2011 is no more relevant in 2019, sure content was king back then too. But if the article was closely relevant to the site it was possible to get it ranked. But now content has to be unique because copyright is a major issue these days.

By the way, I learned a lot of things in these 6 months

1.Monetization:- There are multiple sources of income,you can monetize the website in a lot of ways google AdSense, affiliate, other ad networks like, etc..I was surprised to know how many people can actually make through Google Adsense.

2. Youtube:- I realized I can learn a lot through Youtube and that too free. There are many YouTubers who upload quality content for free which can really help understand new trends and new techniques.

3. Social Network:- Social networks have grown a lot and they can bring huge traffic if you know how to use it correctly.

4.SEO in 2019:- SEO in 2019 is different from SEO in 2011, I feel like an old guy trying to learn how to ride a bicycle again. A lot has changed.

5. Copy and Paste:- Back in 2011, you can copy same article to 100 plus article submission sites and get results, now you cannot.

SEO in practice:-

I also tried doing SEO for my college website. It was going to be a huge step up for me as I would be getting my own college as my 1 client, but luck has something else for me altogether.

While I was prepping my team for different tactics we will apply on the college website, I was asked to go to Hyderabad with HOD to meet and attend college conference theirs.While dean was giving a speech on how good our college was,I was asked to monitor our college booth,Now this was not part of SEO as I see or as I hoped. But anyways You gotta do what you gotta do. So I did, My HOD introduced me to college alumni who introduced himself to be an SEO expert and was looking after our college website’s digital marketing. So things didn’t end as expected . Plus when I returned , college w totally silent on SEO. My HOD was not my favorite and I guess vice-versa.

After all, this came time for campus placement, I got placed in 2 companies, joined 1 left it after 3 months (later on this too). One company is from the Banking sector (A foreign Bank), the other one was from retail(They have the multibrand store all over India). And I thought SEO has ended for me now.

But that SEO bug was still there in me after 3 months of working in Retail, I thought to try again in SEO and got offered a job too. But don’t know why(maybe I was running after more money, as I have seen job listing of SEO they were not paying more than 15 k per month back then , don’t know whats the scenario today, but I think I should have gone with it, thing would be different for me now) I opted for IT SALES job, which was more like a callcenter job, night shifts, poor health, party with the boss , bad attitude, rash behavior, and don’t know what not, Not a very satisfying or a job you will be proud of.

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HEPA air cleaners – widely used, but are they cost effective?

air purifier in india review

The first High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) air purifier was designed in the 1940’s as part of the Manhattan Project – the effort to create the first atomic bomb. At the time the goal was to be able to filter out 99.97% of radioactive particles greater than 0.3 micron, and most present day HEPA air cleaners still have the same specification.
For comparison, the width of a human hair ranges from 50 to 200 microns, so 0.3 micron sounds pretty good and should keep most allergen at bay – right?

Some important points to consider
Without a doubt HEPA air purifiers are very efficient at filtering allergen such as pollen, dust, and mold spores.
However, more than 90% of all particulates are 0.3 micron and smaller in size which means that HEPA air cleaners do not remove viruses, some bacteria and germs, some house dust mite allergens, cat allergens, smoke, soot, fumes, and smog.

It should be noted though, that HEPA air cleaners do remove particulates smaller than 0.3 micron, some of them filter down to as small as 0.01 micron, but the percentage of particles removed drops of rather quickly.

If you want better performance than that with a standard HEPA air purifier, there are more expensive units on the market with exceptional performance.
For instance, the Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20 has a low noise design and a filter that will last a minimum of 5 years. Furthermore, the filter is guaranteed to capture at least 95% of all particles smaller than .3 microns, so even viruses are caught.

There are some drawbacks to HEPA air purifiers however:

  • Although a prefilter extends it’s life, regular filter replacement is required every 2-5 years.
  • Filters cost on average between Rs.4000-Rs.16000.
  • The mechanical process of moving air through a dense filter requires a large, powerful fan. That means relatively high energy requirements, and therefore a high energy bill: Rs.8000-24000 per annum.
  • Can be very noisy if run at the highest level, which would occur if the unit is undersized relative to the room.
  • Filters are extremely fragile and can be easily damaged.

Some HEPA air purifiers include other air cleaning technologies to complement the HEPA filter. 

For instance, to remove odors a HEPA air purifier could also have a gas filter made of activated carbon, potassium permanganate, or zeolite. The Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 and the Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20 are examples of such a hybrid model.

All in all, while HEPA air purifier have some drawbacks, together with electrical air purifiers, they are for most people the best overall solutions to improving indoor air quality.

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Best Trimmer for men India in Sept 2019

best trimmer for men,

Among the most all-important day-to-day lifestyle gadgets for gentlemen is the beard trimmer as men who keeps beard, knows how critical it is for them to keep up their look sharp instead of untidy. Beard trimmers of dissimilar verities and characteristics are obtainable depending upon the kind of additional accessory tools offered along with it. Phillips is among the major brand name in the world of beard trimmers and a lot of another types are for sale with cost ranging from very low-level to really high depending upon the characteristics and the quality of the leaf blade of the beard trimmer.

Selecting a good beard trimmer is a hard task. A beard trimmer is a preciseness piece of equipment, able to delicately grave your facial hair into a stylish way. There’s a world of divergence between a big shaggy beard, and a fine kempt goatee. One appears like they are begging for change on the street, or outright of the woods, and the another appears more at place on the red carpets of Bollywood. We will point a few of the factors to look at when shopping for a upper-class beard trimmer.

best trimmer for men

Beard Trimmer Price

Price is all of the time an crucial condition, so take once to do more shopping to assure what the range is and what you are comfy paying. Only then can you discover the finest trimmer in your price range.

Beard Trimmer Add-ons

How crucial are add-ons to you? Do you want to use the trimmer to as well trim eyebrow/nose hair? How about vacuums to avoid whatever sink cleaning afterward? On that point are a lot of add-ons that can go with a beard trimmer, but apparently the more add-ons it has, the more high-priced it is.

Beard Trimmer Preciseness

This characteristic Is not to be missed, particularly whenever you’ve a beard which asks preciseness grooming. Seek a trimmer with good steel blades (or even better, titanium!), as well as auto- sharpening blades.

best trimmer in philips

Beard Trimmer Craftsmanship

A more affordable trimmer generally does not endure as long as the more robust ones. You can get an idea of well brand name by just seeing your local barber and determining what he uses. He will use that same clipper day after day for a long time, so you know it is made all right. Phillips and Syska are 2 brand name that a lot of barbers recommend.

There are numerous brand name out there on the marketplace, but as somebody who has had a beard for several years I can testify to the truth that a lot of these trimmers truly aren’t all their marketing has made them out to be.

Please browse our collection and you will have a well beard trimmer that will last for several years.

For your convenience we have shortlisted some of the best trimmer in india, , check it out here

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Best Protein Powder India in Sept 2019

what's the best protein powder,

Many people know they need to increase their protein intake, especially if they want to build and repair muscle.

What does Protein Do for Our Health?

Protein is full of amino acids. These amino acids have been shown to reduce diseases. Amino acids help fuel the working muscles and helps in the speed of recover after exercising.

Protein is necessary to repair cells in the body. Again, protein builds and repairs muscles and bones. Protein is a great source for energy and helps control processes of metabolism.

If you are interested in knowing how much protein you need each day, check the resource bar and click on protein calculator

Types of Protein Powders

what's the best protein powder

Types of Protein Powders: A Crash Course

There are essentially two major types of protein powders available today; protein that comes from animals and plant protein powders.

Animal Based Protein Powders

Whey Protein Powders

One of the major types of animal protein is whey. This is a dairy based protein that is found in milk and is a byproduct when making cheese. Though whey is found less in milk than other types of proteins, it is by far the most popular type of protein powder on the market today due its superior taste and low cost.

Types of Whey Protein Powders

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) – Concentrate has low levels of fats and carbohydrates. Concentrate blends can vary wildly in the amount of protein with some being below 50% protein and others being 89% protein.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) – Isolate is higher in than the concentrate in the amount of protein in the blend. Usually from 90 – 95% protein, containing very little lactose ingredients. Isolate is also generally lower in fat.

Whey Protein Hydrolyzed (WPH) – An even further broken down version of whey, WPH usually has even an even higher percentage of protein relative to the rest of the blend.

best protein powder men

Casein Protein Powders

The other type of animal protein used in protein powders is casein. This protein is also found in milk, being the majority protein in the substance. Though whey protein is much more popular, casein protein powders have many benefits as well and is often used in blends with whey protein.

Egg White Protein Powders

This protein powder has long been popular, but is making even more of a resurgence due to it being one of the few paleo friendly protein powders. It is lactose free and contains all of the amino acids that we want to gain from a protein powder.

Plant Based Protein Powders

There are four major types of protein powders that are plant based.

Soy Protein Powders

This type of protein powder has been the most popular plant-based protein for quite sometime. It is low cost and is has many similar benefits as weigh protein. It is the closest plant protein to the animal based proteins.

Pea Protein Powders

Pea proteins are popular with vegans and people who may not like the association of GMO’s with soy proteins. Pea protein powders have all the necessary amino acids needed for our body, but does lack some of the the secondary amino acids.

Brown Rice Protein Powders

Brown rice protein also contains the necessary amino acids for your body, but same as pea proteins, it lacks some secondary amino acids animal based proteins will provide. Also it doesn’t give a good amount of even the necessary amino acids, so it certainly should be your sole source of protein. Brown rice powders have become popular by vegans and people with allergies.

Hemp Protein Powders

Hemp types of protein powders are good for increased overall nutrition. It is a complete protein, but you get less. However, hemp protein powders provide other valuable nutrients such as fatty acids that can help your overall health.

Whey Protein Powders

Whey protein powders are the most popular available on the market. They are also among the cheapest. They are one of the two dairy based protein powders, the other being casein. Whey protein powders are made as a byproduct of the cheese making process. There are three main types of whey protein powders; whey protein concentrate (WPC), whey protein isolate (WPI), and whey protein hydrolyzed (WPH).

Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey protein concentrate powders are the most readily available and popular form of whey protein powders. It has a wildly varying content of protein starting from below 50% up to 89%. Though whey protein concentrate blends don’t usually have a lot of fat, but more so than the other types of whey protein powders. The extra fat and sugar help whey concentrate protein powders taste good. WPC powders are the cheapest form of whey protein powders.

Whey Protein Isolate

The next most popular whey protein powders are the isolates. Whey protein isolate powders have less fat and sugar than concentrate. Isolates are at least 90% protein. Less fat and sugar means a less pleasant taste than whey concentrates. Isolates are made by further purifying concentrates. Isolates also have the benefit of being faster digesting. However, because of the extra processing isolates are more expensive than concentrates.

Whey Protein Hydrolyzed

Hands down whey protein hydrolyzed is the fastest digesting protein on the market. It is even further broken down from isolates and contains anywhere from 95% to 99% protein. This is the worst tasting type of whey protein. Hydrolyzed whey protein is also the most expensive type due to the even further processing of the product.

Pros of Whey Protein Powders:

  1. The most complete protein available on the market.
  2. Great for building lean muscle.
  3. Fast digestion makes this an ideal post-workout supplement.
  4. Whey protein concentrate is among the best tasting protein powders available.
  5. Concentrate is among the cheapest protein powders.

Cons of Whey Protein Powders:

  1. Lactose, a dairy sugar, is prevalent in these powders, especially the whey protein concentrate. Lactose is a fairly common allergen. Vegans are also eliminated from using this powder.
  2. Whey powders are especially known for having unnatural ingredients added such as artificial ingredients.
  3. While whey protein concentrate is known for its good tastes. Isolate and hydrolyzed powders tend to be less tasty than the concentrate and many other powders available.
  4. Isolate and hydrolyzed powders tend to be some of the more expensive protein powders out on the market.
women's best protein powder


Whey protein powders are some of the best packages available today. They are readily available and are proven to fast digesting for a great post-workout supplement. Vegans, people sensitive to lactose, and those trying to avoid artificial flavoring may have to look elsewhere. For the average person, whey is a great place to start with proven results!

Casein Protein Powder

The less popular version of the two dairy proteins, casein protein powders are much slower digesting than the whey proteins. This is not necessarily a good or bad thing, it just depends on what your needs are. Casein protein is popular with bodybuilders.

Pros of Casein Protein Powders:

  1. The biggest thing casein protein powders have going for them is the highest glutamine content of any type of protein powder available. Glutamine is very important to those looking to gain weight or build muscle; hence the reason casein is popular with bodybuilders.
  2. Because of the long digestion time of casein protein, this is the protein that should be taken before bed.
  3. Casein protein powders are among the best tasting. This type of protein has a thick, creamy mouthfeel and good natural flavors.
  4. Casein protein powders are good meal replacements due to it being a slow digesting protein. It can help you feel full longer.

Cons of Casein Protein Powders:

  1. Casein protein powders are among the most expensive types available, especially compared to the other dairy protein, whey.
  2. Casein proteins have a high lactose content. This means people who are sensitive or allergic will not be able to use this type of powder.
  3. While casein protein powders are good for meal replacements and before bed, this type of protein is not ideal for post-workout. This is because of the slow digesting nature of the protein.


Casein protein powders are certainly a viable option for a certain group of people. This group of people would be people who are looking to gain weight and muscle quickly. Casein protein powders are very popular among bodybuilders because of the high glutamine content. The average person will most likely be better off going with some other type of protein powder or a whey and casein blend.

Egg White Protein Powders

Egg white protein is a very high quality animal protein, though like all types there are drawbacks. Egg whites have long been a preferred source of protein from bodybuilders to those just looking to supplement their intake, and the protein powder made from these egg whites is very popular as well. Egg protein is middle of the road in terms of how long it takes to digest.

Pros of Egg White Protein Powders:

  1. Egg white protein powder is a very high quality protein. It has all the necessary amino acids.
  2. One scoop of egg protein powders often have up to 5x as much protein as in one egg white!
  3. This type of protein in free of lactose so people who may be sensitive to whey or casein proteins can still get high quality protein from this powder.
  4. Generally are fat-free, but still full of other vitamins and minerals.

Cons of Egg White Protein Powders:

  1. Though lactose is a popular allergy, egg allergies are also somewhat common.
  2. Egg white protein powders are not quite as good at being absorbed by the body as the milk based protein whey. This means that you’re actually getting less than someone who is taking whey with the same amount of protein grams.
  3. Depending on the where the eggs used have came from, there could be dangerous diseases that have survived the process.
  4. Egg white protein powders are, on average, one of the more expensive powders on the market.
  5. Egg white protein powders are known as one of the worst tasting proteins available.


Egg white protein powders are a great option for non-vegetarians, non-vegans, and people who are not allergic to eggs. They provide some of the highest quality protein available. However, this high quality protein comes at a price. Egg white protein powders are among the most expensive. Overall, a great option for people who believe in the power of egg whites.

best protein powder for weight gain

Soy Protein Powder

Even though soy is a fairly common allergen, soy protein powders have been the most popular form of plant protein for sometime. Soy has come under some scrutiny in recent years leading to many conflicting reports about whether soy has enough benefits that outweigh the risk. That is for you to decide. Here are some of the major pros and cons of soy protein powders.

Pros of Soy Protein Powders:

  1. Soy has the best amino acid profile of any plant-based protein powder and includes many other beneficial nutrients. It is the closest plant protein to animal based proteins such as whey.
  2. Often cheap compared to other powders because of the massive amount of soy produced.
  3. Soy is a highly digestible protein. This means that your body is able to use more of the protein that you get from the soy protein powder than some of the other types of protein powders available.

Cons of Soy Protein Powders:

  1. Very hard to find soy that is not largely processed. GMO is a word associated heavily with soy due to the prevalence of genetically modifying soy to produce more crops. Non-GMO soy protein powders will be significantly more expensive in all likelihood.
  2. Soy allergies are not uncommon.
  3. Many soy protein powders will have less protein grams per scoop than many other protein powders. Depending on what you are looking to do, be sure to look at the label to know how much protein is in each serving.
  4. Because soy is so cheap, there is already soy in much of the food we eat. Therefore, it may be unnecessary to supplement your protein intake with more soy.


If you are someone who is not too concerned with GMO’s and do not have a soy allergy, soy protein powders can be a very viable option. Soy has a great protein profile and on its own is certainly the best plant-based protein powder for those looking for a traditional protein powder.

Pea Protein Powders

Though pea protein was long though to be missing some of the essential amino acids of proteins, we now know this is no longer the case. Pea protein has become popular with vegetarians, vegans, and people who may have allergies. Pea protein is slow digesting. Below are some pros and cons of pea protein powders:

Pros of Pea Protein Powders:

  1. Pea Protein powders have a good amino acid profile, containing all of the essential amino acids. Pea protein also contains many non-essential amino acids.
  2. Pea protein is definitely allergen friendly! There are many protein powder users who may have one or more allergies to other types of protein. Peas also contain no gluten.
  3. Pea Protein powders are often organic and almost always non-GMO. This should still be clarified, as there are some that are not non-GMO.
  4. Pea protein is full of iron.
  5. For those following certain diets such as low-carb, pea protein can be useful with a scoop containing a mere 1-4 grams.

Cons of Pea Protein Powders:

  1. Though pea protein powders are usually highly digestible, they are slightly less so than whey protein. This means your body is able to absorb and use less protein per gram than whey.
  2. Often, the taste of pea protein powders will not be as pleasant as other types of protein, especially animal protein powders.
  3. For those looking to build muscle, animal proteins may be a better option. This is because pea protein powders will contain less of certain amino acids, specifically ones that are responsible for muscle growth, than animal proteins.
  4. While pea proteins are usually cheaper per ounce, they are less digestible than whey. This means  you will need to take more pea protein to get the same value to your body as the whey protein.


Pea protein powders are certainly a viable option for plant based protein powders. These powders are especially useful for those who may have allergies. Vegetarians and vegans will also find the pea proteins especially useful. People who are looking at weight issues may also consider pea protein. Since it is a slow digesting protein, it may help you feel full longer than other fast acting proteins.

Brown Rice Protein Powders

Brown rice protein powders are made in a similar process to hydrolyzed whey protein. The powder is made by extracting the protein from the rice, which is mostly a carbohydrate. Like other plant based protein powders, brown rice has become popular with vegetarians, vegans, and people with allergies.

Pros of Brown Rice Protein Powders:

  1. Brown rice protein powders are easily digestible by the body. Since it is easily digestible your body can use a very good percentage of the protein you intake from the powder.
  2. High in sulfur containing amino acids.
  3. Allergen friendly! For those who may have trouble with common allergens found in other proteins such as lactose and soy, brown rice protein may be the best option.
  4. Brown rice protein powders can be a good source of complex carbohydrates.

Cons of Brown Rice Protein Powders:

  1. While this protein contains many amino acids, it is not a complete protein, due to missing some essential amino acids.
  2. Brown rice protein powder has a more noticeable flavor than most other proteins that is hard to hide. It is known for a chalky flavor.
  3. There are many good amino acids in this type of protein powder. However, it is also lacking in a major amino acid. Brown rice protein is noticeably lacking in lysine compared to other protein powders. Lysine is known for its muscle-building properties.


Overall, brown rice protein powders can be a great option for  people looking to boost their overall nutrition profile. This type of powder is especially useful for people with allergies to other protein powders such as whey or soy. If possible, people looking to quickly build muscle or gain weight may be better off looking at some other options. This protein powder shouldn’t be your sole protein supplement. Brown rice protein powders are best used when combined with other types of protein.

Hemp Protein Powders

Hemp has become more popular in recent years due to studies showing the many benefits that hemp can provide. Hemp protein powders are becoming more and more popular with vegetarians, vegans, and people with allergens. Hemp is a popular candidate for organic protein powders and is made from the seeds of the cannabis plant.

Pros of Hemp Protein Powders:

  1. Hemp has a great amino acid profile. It is a complete protein.
  2. Hemp protein powders are allergy friendly. People who are sensitive to lactose, soy, or other products found in some protein powders may find hemp to be their best option.
  3. Hemp is full of many other nutrients other than just protein including healthy fatty acids, fiber, and iron. The fatty acids can reduce risk of heart disease and fiber makes you feel full longer, possibly helping with weight loss.

Cons of Hemp Protein Powders:

  1. Hemp protein powders often have less grams of protein per serving, falling in the 13-20g per serving range. Combine this with the fact that your body absorbs less protein from a hemp source than other sources, such as whey and casein, and you are getting significantly less protein.
  2. Though the high fiber content of hemp protein is also listed as a benefit, it can be considered a con. For those looking to gain muscle/weight, this increased amount of fiber will lead you to feel full quicker and longer. This may impair the ability to eat more and keep up with a muscle building diet.


Hemp protein powders are a great source of protein and other nutrients for your body. For those looking who are looking to for something to boost their entire nutrition and not just build muscle, hemp protein can be a great choice. Those looking into protein powders just for athletics or to build muscle may want to look into other alternatives.

For your convenience we have shortlisted some of the best protein powder , check it out here

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Best Lawn Mowers in India in Sept 2019

best lawn mower self propelled,

When you decide to buy a new lawn mower, there are a number of things you have to take into consideration. Sit down with a pen and paper and ask yourself a few questions. What is the size and topography of your lawn? What type of cut or quality of cut do you want? How much money can you afford to spend on a new mower? How much time do you plan to spend mowing your lawn? How comfortable do you want to feel while mowing it? How maneuverable is your dream machine? Do you prefer to ride, walk, push or pull? Do you have any environmental concerns? Are you interested in accessories? Above all, ask yourself what is the purpose of this lawn mower.

When you have compiled the list of questions, consider your answers. These will guide you towards buying the mower most suited to your needs. Consider lawn size and topography. If you have a small lawn or yard, you do not need a large mower. You can choose a push or walk-behind mower. If it is large, you may need all the power you can get or even a riding mower or garden or lawn tractor.

best lawn mower self propelled

The size of your lawn is also pertinent to the time factor. How much time do you have to or plan to spend on mowing? The easiest answer would be, of course, to hire someone. If you cannot, be realistic. Certain machines are faster at their job than others are. They offer more power under the hood or simplify the job by including various attachments. They make it easier by providing cushioned seats, padded handlebars or specific gadgets such as a built-in mulcher or wood chipper. Ask yourself, what do you really need? Is mowing a weekend hobby or an obsession?

If the land is rough, examine models best suited for uneven terrain. You might consider a self-propelled machine if you are not the energetic type. The same logic applies to cut. Reel power mowers provide a finer, more professional cut than rotary power mowers. In addition, for a professional look, if you have an extensive piece of land to mow and you have the financial wherewithal, you could buy a finishing mower.

best lawn mower india

As for your energy level – you can buy all types of lawn mowers suited to your specific level of motivation and energy. There are riding mowers with everything built-in, including drink holders. There are tow behinds you can attach to an ATV. You can use a self-propelled machine or a walk-behind. If you are part of the aerobic lawn exercising community, the only choice is the push reel mower. This, even at its lightest, can give you a solid workout.

The reel push mower is also the best answer to those worried about the environment. They do not use gas, oil or electricity. The next best choice is an electric mower. You can also purchase hybrid machines or more environmentally friendly mowers. Read the consumer reports to find out what is best.

Consider prices. A good lawn mower is an investment. It can also be expensive. Price can range from Rs.4000 to Rs.40, 000. It depends upon the size of the machine and who makes it. This all leads to a discussion of manufacturers. Do you know the names of a wide variety of mowers and who builds them? Do you know what company specializes in what type of mower? What do you know of their reputation? What about machine parts? Are they readily available or impossible to obtain? Do not forget about warranty. Does the company offer one and for how long and on which components? Some companies provide a warranty for only a specific part of the machine or different length warranties for separate parts.

Do not be afraid to go on the Internet to check out the different articles on the various products. Read the specs and reviews. Join a chat room or forum, if necessary. Go down to the local hardware store or supplier and ask questions while you check out prices. Visit a repair shop and ask which brands are frequent visitors and why. Attend a trade show or home and garden show. Talk to the representatives of various companies, pick up their literature and see what deals they can offer.

It is all about doing your homework. Read reviews, check out consumer reports and talk to friends and family. Find out what machines are suited to both your purpose and pocketbook. Once you have the facts, go out and buy it.

For your convenience we have shortlisted some of the best lawn mower , check it out here

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Best Hair Straighteners in India in Sept 2019

best hair straighteners in india

Over the last few years there have been a lot of changes when it comes to hair straighteners. Gone are the days of big, ugly lumps of metal and plastic which weigh a ton, now it is all about sleek, simple designs which don’t scorch your hair. The biggest step towards the now near perfect hair straighteners we have today was the invention of “ceramic plates”. These cause a lot less damage to hair than their metal counterparts and they also straighten more effectively, and heat up quicker (something which is very important to the modern world)

Another huge advance in technology is the use of ionic and infra red technology in straightening irons. Whereas the old style straighteners dried your hair out, leaving it straight and a bit frizzy and frazzled looking, nowadays straighteners claim to actually lock in moisture and reduce frizz. The smaller designs also allow you to straighten the hair closer to your head so you don’t end up with really big hair, and looking like one of those people whose head is too small for their hair .

So how many of these advances in the design and technology of hair straighteners are really important? Well this is something which a lot of people disagree on, although I do think that most would agree that ceramic plates are a must. As far as I am aware, all modern straighteners are made with either ceramic, or ceramic coated plates these days so this shouldn’t be too much of a worry when searching for your new set of irons (although do be aware that if they are just coated with ceramic, they tend to scratch and expose the hideous, hair burning metal beneath). Below, I have listed some of the more dubious features which often adorn straighteners and whether or not I think they are important or indeed if they even work..

Ionic Technology – Ionic Technology makes hair frizzy and less dried out however you have to be aware that ALL straighteners damage hair. No straightener improves, or moisturises hair…. but some of them dry it out a little less than others and this is the case with Ionic straighteners. You can pick up hair straighteners with this technology pretty cheap these days so if it sounds like something you want, I say go for it.

Wet-to-Straight – With these straighteners, it is claimed that you can skip the whole blow drying process and straighten wet hair. However, from my experience, this isn’t strictly true .To really get good results with these straighteners you generally have to dry your hair at least a little bit before using them. If you use them on wet hair, it takes ages to get your hair dry and styled so really they don’t save you any time at all, as you would imagine they would. They also leave hair looking very dried out and frazzled if you use them often on wet hair which is a big no no. Having said that, many of these kinds of straighteners, such as the Phillips ones, are actually good as normal straighteners on dry hair. So basically, don’t pay extra for this feature but if they are cheap enough then maybe try them as normal straighteners but don’t expect to go from wet-to-straight without a bit of a struggle and without causing a lot of damage to your hair.

Temperature Control – Some hair straighteners allow you to change the temperature of them from hot to super hot, to super mega hot etc, etc. Whereas this sounds like quite a good feature to have, as you would imagine that the cooler they are, the less damaging they are, in actual fact I have found it to be pretty pointless. Basically all of these straighteners straighten at their best when they are on their highest setting, so why bother with the others? Maybe if you have very thin, short hair then a cooler setting would work ok too but certainly for me, I always crank the heat up to the top setting for the best results. So don’t feel like this is a neccessary feature for your hair straighteners to have as it really doesn’t add much.

which are the best hair straighteners

“Shiver function” – This is something relatively new which has been added to straighteners, and in particular the new Phillips hair straighteners have it. Basically it is meant to stop condensation forming on the inside of your straighteners and thus damaging them. Is it something that you need? Well, no, not unless you live in the Arctic. Personally I have had lots of pairs of hair straighteners without this function and I never had any problems with them breaking due to condensation! Yes, it is great if you are in extremely cold conditions, but otherwise it is a huge gimmick.

Sleep Mode – This is basically where the straighteners will turn themselves off after a certain period of inactivity – just like your computer will do. I personally think this is a great feature because I know I often worry after leaving the house that I have left my straighteners on and will come back to a pile of ashes. It gives you peace of mind and as a bonus feature I really think it is a good idea. However, it is in no way neccessary and if you are a very careful person then there is no need to look for straighteners with this feature. However, if you’re a bit of a scatter brain like me, it is nice to know that you aren’t going to be the cause of your house burning down so do give straighteners with this function a few bonus points when making your choice (then you just have to worry about the oven, the iron, the hob, the curlers….).

Rapid Heat Up – There is nothing more annoying when you are in a rush than having to wait for what seems like an age for your straighteners to heat up (especially if you only want to straighten your fringe!). Straighteners that heat up fast are therefore a must and you can get them for the same price as those which take forever to heat up so why not? The quickest set of straighteners I have ever seen are my GHD’s which take under 10 seconds to heat up to their optimum temperature. There are plenty of cheaper models which heat up in a matter of seconds too so always check the box/description to see how long they take to get hot.

So… that pretty much covers all the features that descriptions of hair straighteners will boast of and now you know which ones to pay that bit extra for and which ones you’ll never use or need in a million years!

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Best Coffee Maker in India in Sept 2019

best coffee maker in india

Finding the Top coffee makers on Internet

If you are a coffee drinker and love to have at least a couple of cups during the day, buying a coffee machine from the top coffee makers will be an excellent choice. The most basic coffee maker lets you enjoy a cup of coffee anytime of the day. However, who would not want a more sophisticated coffee maker that is possibly the top coffee makers in the market?

best coffee maker

In getting an advanced coffee maker, you may want to spend a little more than you intend to, so that you can enjoy the amazing features of products from top coffee makers. The extra money you spent for the purchase of your coffee makers will not only give you convenience in preparing a brewed coffee, but will also allow you to adjust the strength of your coffee from mild, medium to strong. Top coffee makers brands has an automatic timer and include a thermal carafe to keep your coffee hot even for a prolonged length of time.

In order for you to buy the top coffee makers that is ideal for your need, use the following guides to help you decide what to buy:

1) Determine the number of cups you drink in day. If you drink only one cup of coffee for the whole day, choose a single cup coffee makers. Getting this type of coffee makers will prevent you from brewing more coffee than you need, thus, wastage is eliminated. But if you consume more cups during the day or you have a large family who are coffee lovers, get a coffee maker with a capacity of 10-12 cups.

2) Determine the time interval you drink your coffee. Knowing this will guide you to purchase an insulated mug or a coffee maker with thermal carafe. This feature keeps the brewed coffee hot and fresh even after several hours. While leaving your glass pot coffee makers on the warming plates for longer hours can give poor taste to your coffee.

3) Having difficulty waking up early in the morning? Get one of the top coffee makers with a pre-programmable feature that makes your coffee ready before you wake up. It comes with an automatic timer that can be set at a time when you want your cup of freshly brewed coffee ready first thing in the morning. And if you are always in a hurry in avoiding the morning rush hour, choose a coffee maker with an automatic off-timer feature.

4) Choose convenience. Top coffee makers have convenient features like easy to read digital clock, electronic and push-button controls and easy removable and cleanable brewing basket. It should also come with a clearly marked water reservoir to achieve an accurate measurement of the amount of water being put into it.

5) Space matters. In buying a coffee maker, consider the size of your kitchen counter where you intend to position the machine. More costly brands can occupy a foot or more of counter space. For limited kitchen counter space, getting a top coffee makers with side-mounted controls is ideal because you can turn the machine sideways, leaving you more space in your kitchen counter.

Before you figure out which would be the best espresso maker for your home, you need to figure out what type of espresso maker you are. There are two main types of home coffee makers; those who want to make the best coffee and those who just want to make a coffee quickly and easily.

In this article, we are going to look at all the types of espresso makers on the market today and discuss some of the good and bad points of each so that by the end, you can have a good idea of what type of machine would be ideal for you.

Before We Begin

Before we jump in to the specifics of each type of coffee machine, here are some basic questions that you will also need to answer:

Fully Manual Espresso Machines

In Manual espresso machines hot water is pumped through the coffee grind via a handle. Other machines apply steam pressure but in a manual machine you get full control over the speed and pressure at which the coffee is made.

These machines are still very popular in Italy and are considered the most authentic way to make an espresso..

The Good:

Full control over the brewing processCan produce the best tasting espressoPump pressure won’t burn the coffee like steam pressure mightYou can feel pride in your pure coffee making skills when you make a good one

The Bad:

Very easy to mess up as everything has to be perfect, from the grind to the pullNot the quickest method of making an espresso

Who is it for?

Manual espresso machines are for those who enjoy the whole espresso making process. It is for those coffee art lovers who enjoy making and drinking espresso

Single-Serve Pod & Capsule Espresso Machines

Single-serve machines are quick and easy to use and require much less space. They look modern and recent celebrity endorsements made them  fashionable. But they are more than that here are pros and cons:

The Good:

Very quick to make an espresso Extremely easy to use, just load the pod or capsule and then press a button.Easy to keep clean and there is no mess made when making a cup. They produce a very consistent espresso every time.Very small and will fit on any kitchen worktop

The Bad:

Limited variety of coffee as you can use only the one which comes with  your coffee machine.Capsules and pods will not be as fresh as freshly ground coffee beans.Takes the art out of making coffee.Pods and capsules work out slightly more expensive per cup than coffee beansNot all models include a steam wand

Who is it for?

Single-serve espresso makers are ideal for anyone who either just wants a quick and easy way to make a decent coffee at home, or anyone who doesn’t have the space available for a larger coffee machine. Best place to use these machines are RV, boat, caravan or other holiday home.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

These are one of the most popular styles of espresso machines around and give a great balance between control and convenience. It gives you control over the flow of water with each brew.

So while making coffee you can make any adjustments along the way, like letting the water pour for longer if it’s coming out too slow. This can however also mean that there is more that you can mess up!

Here are some of the things you should consider to see if this could be the one for you:

The Good:

Regulated pump pressure will result in a more consistent coffeeTemperature is maintained for a good brew.Some may grind the coffee beans for you.Can take ground coffee and some types can use pods too.Can be used to steam your milk

The Bad:

The more control you have, the more can go wrongLots of practice needed to make the perfect espressoYou might need a separate grinderMost models have a single boiler for both the brewer and the steamer so temperature will need to be reset after using steamer

Who is it for?

Owners of a semi-automatic espresso maker will need quite a large space available on their kitchen counter and many hundreds of dollars to spend to buy their machine. Usually such machines are bought by those coffee drinkers who like to take pride in the brewing of their coffee and who like a hands-on approach.

Semi-Professional Espresso Machines

Prosumer espresso machines are similar in function to semi-automatic machines but have a few differences that take them up a level towards being more of a professional level machine.

The Good:

Programmable cup sizes.Some machines can be plumbed in for more of a permanent solutionYou can brew and steam at the same time.A larger boiler than other consumer machines.Solid construction

The Bad:

Can get very expensiveCan be overkill for the average coffee drinker

Who is it for?

Prosumer espresso machines are great for hardcore coffee fans who will get lots of use out of their machine. Alternatively, someone who needs to be constantly making great coffee for a lot of people all day but do not require a fully professional system would be wise to consider a prosumer.

Super-Auto Espresso Machines

As the name suggests everything here is done on auto mode , beginning from grinding your beans, to heating the water, brewing the shot and frothing your milk, it does everything at the press of a single button!

The Good:

Complete automation of every aspect of making your coffee, from grinding to steaming and brewing Programmable functionality, like cup sizes and timers etcAdvantage over single-serve machines because you can choose your own beans

The Bad:

The coffee might not be quite as bold and full bodied as a more manual methodThe machines are very complicated and there’s more that can go wrong with them than other typesThey will generally have a shorter lifespan than other coffee machinesYou have no control over how your coffee is made

Who is it for?

The people who will enjoy this type of machine are those who want a decent cup of coffee and don’t have the time to mess around making it and potentially getting it wrong. If you’ve tried making coffee in the past and just don’t seem to be able to get the hang of it, then this might be the right type of machine for you.

These machines can be rather large so you will need a big space available in your kitchen and they can also run into the thousands of dollars to buy. Maintenance costs are also something that you will need to consider as things may malfunction from time to time.

So, What Is The Best Espresso Maker For Your Kitchen?

To chose from so many options in the market for a home espresso maker you will have to answer following questions.

-What are you looking for convenience or quality?

 -How much space do you have?

-What’s your budget?

-How much are you going to use your home espresso maker?

If you are currently thinking about investing in a new machine then hopefully this article will have helped you get a step closer to figuring out which is the best espresso maker for you.

For your convieninece we have cataloged best coffee maker in India in Sept 2019 from a huge selection check it out here

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Best CCTV cameras in India in Sept 2019

best cctv camera

What Are The Best Security Cameras?

Choosing the best security cameras can sometimes be a bit tricky; there are hundreds of different brands and suppliers as well as various security camera styles. A lot of people have a difficult time choosing the right type of security camera for their business or homes installation and the task can be daunting for those who have never invested in security cameras before.

One of the problems you’ll face is that each CCTV camera manufacturer is claiming that their security camera is the best and the one for you.

Often the security camera you actually need for home security is the most basic model, unless of course you’re securing Fort Knox!

best cctv camera brand in india

To help with choosing the best security camera for your needs and requirements we have put together an easy to understand security camera buying guide below and also we have real security cameras reviews throughout the site (no fluff, the good, the bad and the ugly!).

Best Security Cameras Buying Guide

Types of Security Cameras

Wireless vs. Wired

There are two basic types of security cameras either a wireless camera or a wired camera; both setups offer their own pros and cons. Each of these types of security camera setups really depends on where you want to install the camera and how visible you want the security cameras to be.

Wired Security Cameras: installing wired security cameras is probably the tricky of the two installations and visible wires will hamper your attempts to be discreet. However the wired camera installation does have a higher-quality picture than their wirelesses counterparts as the signal is travel through cables rather than through the air.

If you are looking to install a permanent CCTV surveillance system wired is probably the better option in the long run.

Wireless Security Cameras: these types of security cameras are becoming more and more common in today’s marketplace due to the ease and flexibility of installation and are often cheaper than the wired security camera alternatives.

One of the issues that come with wireless security cameras is the fact that broadcasts from other electrical devices such as wireless Internet, baby monitors and even cordless phones can interfere with the security cameras wireless signal, however many of the modern wireless security cameras give you the option the change signals to avoid interference.

Another disadvantage of installing wireless security cameras is the possibility of others intercepting your CCTV camera videos feeds, this is not as common as it used to be due to security camera manufacturers encrypting their cameras – but to be on the safe side its always best to check before you buy.

Bullet or Dome Security Cameras

You’ll find that there are two common shapes of security camera in today’s marketplace – the dome and the bullet camera shapes, both types of cameras have their own advantages.

Bullet Cameras: these are the more traditional looking security cameras that can be mounted on a wall or ceiling and they can only record in the direction they are pointing, they tend to be larger in size than the dome cameras and less discrete. Bullet security cameras are typically general purpose cameras that can be used for both indoors and outdoors in homes and businesses.

Dome Cameras: these are great security cameras that come in many different sizes and are good for securing large areas. Because the camera or cam eras are inside the dome makes it extremely difficult to see which direction the camera is pointing which can often be a deterrent in itself.

Day to Night Security Cameras

These cameras use the latest infrared technology to capture both day and night images with great clarity. If you are looking for a multipurpose security camera for day and night monitoring then these types of cameras are for you and you don’t have to worry about purchasing multiple security cameras in order to keep constant surveillance of your home or business.

Outdoor or Indoor Security Cameras

Some cameras are designed solely fro outdoor use and are waterproof and whether resistant so double check before you purchase you camera to make sure it fits your requirements. You can for example use an outdoor security camera indoors but you cannot use an indoor camera outdoors – so if you’re not sure it’s always best to invest in an outdoor camera that can be utilized in more locations.

Advantages of Using Security Cameras

Security cameras offer your home or business security and peace of mind some of the advantage of using security cameras includes:

  • Video Evidence: if you need proof of crimes committed in any legal issues that may arise.
  • Solid Support for Insurance Claims: using the recorded footage of the theft or vandalism is often enough to validate your insurance claim plus you can also enjoy lower insurance premiums by installing security cameras in your home or business.
  • Active Deterrent: most of the time just having security cameras installed is enough to deter the most brazen of thieves when they know their criminal activities will be captured on film, they simply move on the somewhere far easier.

For more details and specification check out our shop