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Best GPS Watches in India in Sept 2019

best gps watch running

With literally hundreds of different types of GPS watches, it can be difficult to make the right decision and find the perfect watch for you. Fancy extras like tracking software and high-tech functions like heart rate calculators can confuse the weekend exerciser, while they may delight the professional athlete. Additional functions included on a GPS watch fall into three main categories, making it simple to figure out which ones are imperative and which features you can do without. Once the features are broken down into categories, it’s easy to learn all about the different types of GPS watches available, and understand just how you can find the GPS sports watch that will fit right in with your lifestyle.

The first category is the GPS function itself. The simplest, most bare-bones GPS watch will include two main functions- the GPS navigator, and the time. Typically available in a digital interface, this makes it simple to check your location (via the GPS function) as well as other features such as the date, time, etc. The quality of the GPS you choose should depend on where you typically trek, as more expensive GPS functions can track locations despite tall buildings or trees. A GPS can also provide maps, keep track of previous routes, provide directions, and pinpoint your exact location.

best gps watch running

Health features are useful if you’re training or working out with fitness, not enjoyment, in mind. Heart monitors track your heart rate and issue alerts if you waver too low or high from a preset rate, ideal for anyone concerned with their condition. Calorie calculators can track how many calories have been burned per workout, and compare it to past workouts to display your progress. Some GPS watches will include software that allows you to train against a “virtual partner,” ideal for those who train best when they’re in a competition.

Many of the best GPS watches now include tracking software. This is perfect if you’re training for a marathon, involved in a competitive sport, attempting to lose weight, or enjoy watching your progress. For those who exercise only occasionally or consider themselves an amateur, this function may not be needed. From tracking your calories burned to your heart rate, and your routes traveled to your speed, tracking software is useful. This software will record your specified data, log it into records, and than save these logs on your computer for later viewing and comparisons. Some brands include this software with a watch, while others may require you to download or purchase the software separately.

Miscellaneous extras may include alarms, water-resistance, date and calendar displays, and multi-sport functions. Depending on the sport or exercise method you prefer, these may or may not be necessary. For example, if you enjoy participating in triathlons, a multi-sport feature may be useful, while if you enjoy swimming and diving, water resistance may be imperative. GPS watches really aren’t that complicated to understand once you break down the functions and view each one separately to make your decision.

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