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Best CCTV cameras in India in Sept 2019

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What Are The Best Security Cameras?

Choosing the best security cameras can sometimes be a bit tricky; there are hundreds of different brands and suppliers as well as various security camera styles. A lot of people have a difficult time choosing the right type of security camera for their business or homes installation and the task can be daunting for those who have never invested in security cameras before.

One of the problems you’ll face is that each CCTV camera manufacturer is claiming that their security camera is the best and the one for you.

Often the security camera you actually need for home security is the most basic model, unless of course you’re securing Fort Knox!

best cctv camera brand in india

To help with choosing the best security camera for your needs and requirements we have put together an easy to understand security camera buying guide below and also we have real security cameras reviews throughout the site (no fluff, the good, the bad and the ugly!).

Best Security Cameras Buying Guide

Types of Security Cameras

Wireless vs. Wired

There are two basic types of security cameras either a wireless camera or a wired camera; both setups offer their own pros and cons. Each of these types of security camera setups really depends on where you want to install the camera and how visible you want the security cameras to be.

Wired Security Cameras: installing wired security cameras is probably the tricky of the two installations and visible wires will hamper your attempts to be discreet. However the wired camera installation does have a higher-quality picture than their wirelesses counterparts as the signal is travel through cables rather than through the air.

If you are looking to install a permanent CCTV surveillance system wired is probably the better option in the long run.

Wireless Security Cameras: these types of security cameras are becoming more and more common in today’s marketplace due to the ease and flexibility of installation and are often cheaper than the wired security camera alternatives.

One of the issues that come with wireless security cameras is the fact that broadcasts from other electrical devices such as wireless Internet, baby monitors and even cordless phones can interfere with the security cameras wireless signal, however many of the modern wireless security cameras give you the option the change signals to avoid interference.

Another disadvantage of installing wireless security cameras is the possibility of others intercepting your CCTV camera videos feeds, this is not as common as it used to be due to security camera manufacturers encrypting their cameras – but to be on the safe side its always best to check before you buy.

Bullet or Dome Security Cameras

You’ll find that there are two common shapes of security camera in today’s marketplace – the dome and the bullet camera shapes, both types of cameras have their own advantages.

Bullet Cameras: these are the more traditional looking security cameras that can be mounted on a wall or ceiling and they can only record in the direction they are pointing, they tend to be larger in size than the dome cameras and less discrete. Bullet security cameras are typically general purpose cameras that can be used for both indoors and outdoors in homes and businesses.

Dome Cameras: these are great security cameras that come in many different sizes and are good for securing large areas. Because the camera or cam eras are inside the dome makes it extremely difficult to see which direction the camera is pointing which can often be a deterrent in itself.

Day to Night Security Cameras

These cameras use the latest infrared technology to capture both day and night images with great clarity. If you are looking for a multipurpose security camera for day and night monitoring then these types of cameras are for you and you don’t have to worry about purchasing multiple security cameras in order to keep constant surveillance of your home or business.

Outdoor or Indoor Security Cameras

Some cameras are designed solely fro outdoor use and are waterproof and whether resistant so double check before you purchase you camera to make sure it fits your requirements. You can for example use an outdoor security camera indoors but you cannot use an indoor camera outdoors – so if you’re not sure it’s always best to invest in an outdoor camera that can be utilized in more locations.

Advantages of Using Security Cameras

Security cameras offer your home or business security and peace of mind some of the advantage of using security cameras includes:

  • Video Evidence: if you need proof of crimes committed in any legal issues that may arise.
  • Solid Support for Insurance Claims: using the recorded footage of the theft or vandalism is often enough to validate your insurance claim plus you can also enjoy lower insurance premiums by installing security cameras in your home or business.
  • Active Deterrent: most of the time just having security cameras installed is enough to deter the most brazen of thieves when they know their criminal activities will be captured on film, they simply move on the somewhere far easier.

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