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My Digital Marketing Experience

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I was introduced to Digital Marketing especially SEO back in 2010 while I was doing an internship in a Web Designing Company. That company didn’t even pay for my 3 months hard work,who does that to an Intern? (More on this in a different post).But anyways I am thankful to the company owner who introduced me to SEO (search engine optimization).

I was given a task to do SEO for their company website before I began their website was not even on the first 30 pages of SERP. I started with On-page optimization, did everything as per checklist, which I downloaded from various freely available resources on the Internet. I did title tag optimization, meta tag optimization, anchor text optimization, W3 testing, sitemap, etc. Then started doing Off-Page optimization. This is the point when we started getting ranked on the top 5 pages. Back then following techniques of Off-page optimization were popular:-

1.Article submission

2.Press Releases

3.Bl;og Submission

4.Directory submission

5.Link Sharing/Link Building

6.Social Bookmarking.

7.Search Engine submission.

I also wrote articles and published them on almost 100 + websites. Same case with Press releases.

Also social bookmarked website on 50+ social networks. These all efforts gave us visibility in Top 3 SERP, and after 1 and half months we were on top 3 website on the very 1 st page of google.

But now things have changed IO created this site in July 2019, and this site is not even on top 100 pages

Some of the reasons which I found are:-

1.Lack of Focus:- Already busy in running my other business, so not giving ample time and effort.

2.No main keyword to focus on:- lots of products are added and this site is more like a mall then an exclusive store.No niche to focus on

3. Time has changed:-What worked in 2011 is no more relevant in 2019, sure content was king back then too. But if the article was closely relevant to the site it was possible to get it ranked. But now content has to be unique because copyright is a major issue these days.

By the way, I learned a lot of things in these 6 months

1.Monetization:- There are multiple sources of income,you can monetize the website in a lot of ways google AdSense, affiliate, other ad networks like, etc..I was surprised to know how many people can actually make through Google Adsense.

2. Youtube:- I realized I can learn a lot through Youtube and that too free. There are many YouTubers who upload quality content for free which can really help understand new trends and new techniques.

3. Social Network:- Social networks have grown a lot and they can bring huge traffic if you know how to use it correctly.

4.SEO in 2019:- SEO in 2019 is different from SEO in 2011, I feel like an old guy trying to learn how to ride a bicycle again. A lot has changed.

5. Copy and Paste:- Back in 2011, you can copy same article to 100 plus article submission sites and get results, now you cannot.

SEO in practice:-

I also tried doing SEO for my college website. It was going to be a huge step up for me as I would be getting my own college as my 1 client, but luck has something else for me altogether.

While I was prepping my team for different tactics we will apply on the college website, I was asked to go to Hyderabad with HOD to meet and attend college conference theirs.While dean was giving a speech on how good our college was,I was asked to monitor our college booth,Now this was not part of SEO as I see or as I hoped. But anyways You gotta do what you gotta do. So I did, My HOD introduced me to college alumni who introduced himself to be an SEO expert and was looking after our college website’s digital marketing. So things didn’t end as expected . Plus when I returned , college w totally silent on SEO. My HOD was not my favorite and I guess vice-versa.

After all, this came time for campus placement, I got placed in 2 companies, joined 1 left it after 3 months (later on this too). One company is from the Banking sector (A foreign Bank), the other one was from retail(They have the multibrand store all over India). And I thought SEO has ended for me now.

But that SEO bug was still there in me after 3 months of working in Retail, I thought to try again in SEO and got offered a job too. But don’t know why(maybe I was running after more money, as I have seen job listing of SEO they were not paying more than 15 k per month back then , don’t know whats the scenario today, but I think I should have gone with it, thing would be different for me now) I opted for IT SALES job, which was more like a callcenter job, night shifts, poor health, party with the boss , bad attitude, rash behavior, and don’t know what not, Not a very satisfying or a job you will be proud of.