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Best Lawn Mowers in India in Sept 2019

best lawn mower self propelled,
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When you decide to buy a new lawn mower, there are a number of things you have to take into consideration. Sit down with a pen and paper and ask yourself a few questions. What is the size and topography of your lawn? What type of cut or quality of cut do you want? How much money can you afford to spend on a new mower? How much time do you plan to spend mowing your lawn? How comfortable do you want to feel while mowing it? How maneuverable is your dream machine? Do you prefer to ride, walk, push or pull? Do you have any environmental concerns? Are you interested in accessories? Above all, ask yourself what is the purpose of this lawn mower.

When you have compiled the list of questions, consider your answers. These will guide you towards buying the mower most suited to your needs. Consider lawn size and topography. If you have a small lawn or yard, you do not need a large mower. You can choose a push or walk-behind mower. If it is large, you may need all the power you can get or even a riding mower or garden or lawn tractor.

best lawn mower self propelled

The size of your lawn is also pertinent to the time factor. How much time do you have to or plan to spend on mowing? The easiest answer would be, of course, to hire someone. If you cannot, be realistic. Certain machines are faster at their job than others are. They offer more power under the hood or simplify the job by including various attachments. They make it easier by providing cushioned seats, padded handlebars or specific gadgets such as a built-in mulcher or wood chipper. Ask yourself, what do you really need? Is mowing a weekend hobby or an obsession?

If the land is rough, examine models best suited for uneven terrain. You might consider a self-propelled machine if you are not the energetic type. The same logic applies to cut. Reel power mowers provide a finer, more professional cut than rotary power mowers. In addition, for a professional look, if you have an extensive piece of land to mow and you have the financial wherewithal, you could buy a finishing mower.

best lawn mower india

As for your energy level – you can buy all types of lawn mowers suited to your specific level of motivation and energy. There are riding mowers with everything built-in, including drink holders. There are tow behinds you can attach to an ATV. You can use a self-propelled machine or a walk-behind. If you are part of the aerobic lawn exercising community, the only choice is the push reel mower. This, even at its lightest, can give you a solid workout.

The reel push mower is also the best answer to those worried about the environment. They do not use gas, oil or electricity. The next best choice is an electric mower. You can also purchase hybrid machines or more environmentally friendly mowers. Read the consumer reports to find out what is best.

Consider prices. A good lawn mower is an investment. It can also be expensive. Price can range from Rs.4000 to Rs.40, 000. It depends upon the size of the machine and who makes it. This all leads to a discussion of manufacturers. Do you know the names of a wide variety of mowers and who builds them? Do you know what company specializes in what type of mower? What do you know of their reputation? What about machine parts? Are they readily available or impossible to obtain? Do not forget about warranty. Does the company offer one and for how long and on which components? Some companies provide a warranty for only a specific part of the machine or different length warranties for separate parts.

Do not be afraid to go on the Internet to check out the different articles on the various products. Read the specs and reviews. Join a chat room or forum, if necessary. Go down to the local hardware store or supplier and ask questions while you check out prices. Visit a repair shop and ask which brands are frequent visitors and why. Attend a trade show or home and garden show. Talk to the representatives of various companies, pick up their literature and see what deals they can offer.

It is all about doing your homework. Read reviews, check out consumer reports and talk to friends and family. Find out what machines are suited to both your purpose and pocketbook. Once you have the facts, go out and buy it.

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